The iMOL logo

The logo was inspired from the white and the blue colors which symbolize Greece, life, hope and spiritual freedom. The intersecting circles  represent the interaction and incision between Medicine and Biology as well as the circle of life, the magnitude of time, and the molecular background of science. The intersections tend to highlight iMOL’s basic concept favoring the potent collaboration of medical and basic sciences in translational research.The white colored atoms in the center evince the science of Chemistry and how it is related in all sections of life.


Background info

The University of Ioannina Cancer Biobank Center and the Interscience Molecular Oncology Laboratory are both situated within the premises of University of Ioannina Medical School.

The University of Ioannina Cancer Biobank Center (UICBC) is a biorepository and advanced lab facility that securely stores cells, blood, tissue samples along with  high quality and well preserved genetic material (DNA-RNA) from various  types of cancer (blood and solid tumours). Cancer patients have previously been thoroughly informed by the trained scientific staff of the University Hospital of Ioannina and conceded voluntarily to allow the use of their biologic material and clinical data for future academic research purposes.

The research laboratory applies a variety of biomedical techniques and assays and along with its collaborates forms a powerful research network with great potentials. The extensive use of bioinformatics for in silico design of various biological molecules, cell culture, bioanalyzers and many other modern infrastructures, form the technical profile of the laboratory. 

UICBC and iMOL accommodates the academic research of many postgraduate and graduate students.

The University of Ioannina Cancer Biobank Center and the Molecular Oncology Lab run under Professor Evangelos Briasoulis.

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